Ultra-pure sputtering targets for UHD screens.

Transistors in ultra-high definition displays (4K2K) possess particularly fine structures. Only extremely pure sputtering targets can be used as input materials for the fine conductor paths. Check out our ultra-pure coating materials at the Touch Taiwan!

Ultra-high definition is a digital video format that transmits images at widths of up to 4000 pixels. Display manufacturers are now supplying the necessary hardware in the form of UHD screens. The advent of UHD technology is bringing with it more stringent requirements with respect to the purity of the materials used, such as molybdenum.

Molybdenum is a key component of the layer system in a thin film transistor and helps to determine the color with which a pixel is illuminated. There are several million of these transistors in a single UHD screen. Ulrich Lausecker, Head of our Business Unit Coating, explains: "Any foreign particle in the thin film material is huge in relation to the fine transistor structures. Even the slightest contamination of the molybdenum layer can cause whole pixels to fail on the screen."

We are one of the leading manufacturers of molybdenum sputtering targets. When processed, these targets form key layers in the transistor system. We are the only manufacturer to supply molybdenum at a guaranteed purity of 99.97%. As a rule, the material is even purer than this. Which means that Plansee and their sputtering targets are ready for ultra-high definition technology.

In-house production guarantees the highest levels of material purity.


This is made possible by our proprietary production process. It starts with molybdenum trioxide, in other words shortly after the ore has been processed. In-house reduction processes then allow us to convert this to extremely pure molybdenum powder. We are also responsible for further downstream process steps such as pressing, sintering and forming sputtering targets. Before the sputtering targets are delivered to the customers, we bond them in their own machine shops in Asia.

Because all the production steps are kept in house, we are able to control the quality of the material right from the start in a way that no other target manufacturer can. Lausecker: "Even the raw material itself comes from part of our family. The Plansee Group has a 14% stake in the Chilean company Molymet, the largest molybdenum ore processor in the world."

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Plansee also supplies display manufacturers with sputtering targets made from tungsten, copper and aluminum, as well as molybdenum. We also manufacture the highly corrosion-resistant alloy molybdenum-tantalum for contacts to the ITO sensor in touch panels.

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