Well done! Plansee Electro-Graph receives 5S award.

Well-organized workflows in production and administration provide an ideal environment for doing a job well. Our Plansee Electro-Graph plant recently received recognition for its lean processes.

Developed in Japan, the 5S program is a globally accepted methodology for identifying weaknesses in a company's business processes, implementing improvements and maintaining the new direction over the long term. Plansee is one of the companies that employs the 5S methodology.

And our staff in the Plansee Electro-Graph production plant in California are leading the way. In April 2014, they received the "Lean Crystal Award for Best Implementation of 5S" from the Employers Group. It was a success for the whole team. Manufacturing Supervisor Julian Canseco accepted the award on behalf of everyone at Plansee Electro-Graph.

From left to right:
Dave Burkhart, Senior Organization Development Specialist, Employers Group
Mary Poniktera, Chief Financial Officer, Electro-Graph
Mette Moore, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Electro-Graph
Julian Canseco, Manufacturing Supervisor, Electro-Graph
Mark Wilbur, President, Employers Group

The Employers Group is a globally active, non-profit employers' association that offers support and training in implementing the 5S program. Every year, the organization presents awards to companies that have standardized their processes and optimized the organization of their workplaces with the assistance of the Employers Group. The effects are impressive: Less waste, less accidents at work, improved product quality and greater cost effectiveness.

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