Balancing weights made of tungsten alloys.

Balancing weights made from our tungsten heavy metal composites Densimet® and Inermet® compensate for oscillations, weight transfers, imbalances and vibrations, create or shift centers of gravity and more generally ensure the optimum balance.

Tungsten balancing weight
Balancing weight made of the tungsten alloy Densimet® (tungsten, nickel, iron).

Massive weight in a tiny space.

Thanks to their high densities of up to 18.89 g/cm3, our tungsten heavy metal alloys Densimet® and Inermet® offer outstanding performance wherever a lot of weight has to be packed into tiny spaces.

Our tungsten heavy metal composite materials are used as balancing weights on crankshafts or in balance shafts in formula 1 racing cars or large diesel engines. In addition, due to their high density, high modulus of elasticity and optimized ease of mechanical processing, our tungsten heavy metal alloys are ideally suited for use as damper and absorber components in the drive train. In the aviation and aerospace industries, our tungsten composite material Densimet® or Inermet® provide outstanding performance, for example, in propeller and helicopter blades, rudders, radar equipment and avionics systems.

Balancing weights are crucial components in many different applications. They help reduce the loads that parts are exposed to and consequently increase their service life. Here are a few examples:

  • Aviation and aerospace: propeller and helicopter blades
  • Automotive industry: crankshaft counterweights and chassis weights
  • Watch industry: bobs on watch rotors
  • Sports equipment: golf clubs
  • Optical industry: microscopes and measuring instrument
  • Oil and gas drilling: down hole logging tools
Helicopter balancing weight made of tungsten
Our balancing weights made of tungsten heavy alloy during sintering.

High elasticity. Precision forming and machining.

Because pure tungsten is very brittle, we add nickel and iron to our composite materials and apply the molten material in a liquid-phase sintering process. The nickel-iron phase binds the tungsten grains and consequently guarantees high ductility. The advantage: Our material offers optimized mechanical processing capabilities and is also able to withstand high loads. Both easily processed and offering high densities, our balancing weights are ideally suited for applications in the watch industry. For example, machined weights made of non-magnetic Inermet® are used as bobs on watch rotors. With their complex geometries, our weights are also used to balance microscopes and high-precision optical instruments as well as for other products in the semiconductor industry.

Mechanical properties
Modulus of elasticity E [GPa]340360380385330350360

We have an own team which is dedicated to the production and development of products made of Densimet®. Our Head of Development Thomas Granzer takes you on a tour from the powder to the finished product:

Material choice.

Both Densimet® and Inermet® have a tungsten content of over 90 %. We add nickel-iron or nickel-copper as a binder. Whether you want a higher density or greater elasticity, a weakly ferromagnetic or a paramagnetic product: our range of materials contains the right solution for your application. We would be delighted to help you make your choice. Just contact us!

MaterialAbbreviationW-contentbinderDensity [g/cm3]AMS-T-21014
Weakly ferromagnetic
Densimet® 170D17090 %Ni, Fe17,01
Densimet® 176D17693 %Ni, Fe17,62
Densimet® 180D18095%Ni, Fe18,03
Densimet® 185D18597 %Ni, Fe18,54
Densimet® 188D18898,5 %Ni, Fe18,8-
Densimet® D2MD2M90 %Ni, Mo, Fe17,2-
Inermet® 170
IT17090 %Ni, Cu17,01
Inermet® 176IT17692,5 %Ni, Cu17,62
Inermet® 180
IT18095%Ni, Cu18,03

You want it. We'll supply it.

We can manufacture components ready for use in accordance with your specific requirements. And, of course, our range also includes semi-finished products. The best way to buy our Densimet®-rods is online:

You want a customized product made from Densimet®? Our sales team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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Easily ordered, quickly delivered: The best way to buy our Densimet®-rods is online at

You want a customized product made from Densimet®? Our sales team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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