Evaporation coils made of tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum.

Thermal evaporation (resistance evaporation) is a coating method used as part of the PVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition). The material that is to form the subsequent layer is heated in a vacuum chamber until it evaporates. The vapor formed by the material condenses on the substrate and forms the required layer.

Evaporation coils

Our evaporation coils know how to turn up the heat: These resistance heaters with their very high melting points will bring practically any metal to the boil. At the same time, their high corrosion resistance and outstanding material purity prevent any contamination of the substrate.

Our range includes evaporation coils made of the following materials:

  • Grain stabilized tungsten (WVM) for the evaporation of aluminum
  • Tantalum
  • Molybdenum
  • Molybdenum-lanthenum (ML) for particularly long service lives

The item numbers of our evaporation coils. Crack the code.

Do you want to find out more about our evaporation coils? The item number will tell you. This is how it works:

Formula for item numbers
Dimensions of evaporation coils

Our delivery program at a glance.

Article numberProduct codediameter [mm]Number of strandsLength [mm]DiaLength of coils FL [mm]Coil pitch P [mm]
11793590 SS05S3-100 0.53100
11793591 SS08S3-1000,83100
11793597 SU05S3-100-1554P01 0.5310014.5541.0
11793594 SU08S3-100-1554P01 0.8310014.5541.0
11793599 SV08S3-100-1513P010.8310015.2131.0
11793600 SV10S3-100-1914P01 1.03100 19.5141.0
11793601 SV05S3-100-1513P010.53100 15.2 13 1.0
11738657 SH08S3-100-0644P04 0.83100 6.4 44 4.0
11738666 SH08S3-100-0548P050.831004.847.75.3
11738671 SH08S3-100-0648P08 0.831006.4488.0
11780142 SH05S3-100-0550P06 0.531005.0505.5
11740567 SH10S3-100-0750P081.031006.5508.3
11502785 SH10S3-100-0744P04 1.031006.5444.0
11738674 SB06S3-100-1114P020.6310010.5142.1
11738679 SB10S1-080-1110P021.018011.3101.8
11780144 SB10S1-100-1110P021.0110011.3101.8
11793603 SB05S3-100-1114P020.5310010.613.51.8
11793605 SB08S3-100-2329P040.8310023.1293.67
11793606 SB08S3-100-1623P030.8310016.223.33.07
11793608 SB06S3-130-1114P020.6313010.5142.1
11793609 SB08S3-100-1114P020.8310010.613.51.7
11793611 SB08S1-100-1114P020.8110010.613.51.8


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