Products for quartz glass production.

To produce quartz glass, quartz sand is filled into a vertical furnace. The material is melted in crucibles located inside the furnace and drawn through a nozzle to form rods or plates. When producing quartz glass rods, a mandrel shaft is also used.

Tungsten melting tube for quartz glass production
Tungsten melting tube for quartz glass production

At temperatures of 2 200 °C (3992 °F), many metals start to feel the heat. Not so our components made of molybdenum and tungsten. We will produce the entire heating unit for you using these refractory metals. Our range includes the following products specially designed for quartz glass production:

  • Nozzles
  • Melting tubes from seamless (compacted/sintered) or riveted tungsten crucibles
  • Forged mandrel shafts
  • Mesh heaters and rod heating elements
  • Shieldings

We only process the purest materials and compact our products to nearly 100 % using special forming technologies. What are the benefits for you? Thanks to the extreme purity and density of our materials, we prevent any bubble formation or discoloration in the glass.

Why wait? Our ribbons, sheets, rods and wires manufactured from refractory metals are available for order online right now. Take a look:

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