Molybdenum stirrers.

Stirrers are used to homogenize the glass melts. These must withstand extremely high temperatures and aggressive glass melts. Molybdenum from Plansee is the right material for these challenging conditions.

  • Melting point of 2 620 °C (4 748 °F)
  • Outstanding creep resistance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Outstanding purity
Molybdenum stirrers for the glass production
Stirrer made of molybdenum

Fully platinum-plated stirrers.

With its excellent creep resistance and stability at high temperatures, molybdenum ensures the necessary mechanical stability, while the soft platinum cladding guarantees optimum resistance to corrosion.

Partially platinum-plated stirrers.

Molybdenum provides excellent resistance to corrosion. During the homogenization of borosilicate glass and opal glass melts, molybdenum is exposed directly to the glass melt without any problem. Our partially platinum-plated stirrers are used for this task. Only the stirrer shaft outside of the glass melt is protected against oxidation by means of a platinum cladding.

Plansee supplies:

  • Homogenisation stirrers
  • Helical stirrers
  • Gobbing stirrers (portioning stirrers)
  • Plungers (flow needles)
  • Spiral plungers
  • Stirrers manufactured to customer specifications
  • Semi-finished products for stirrer production
  • Ceramic diffusion barrier coatings
  • Platinum-clad stirrers manufactured in collaboration with our partners in the platinum industry

Why not ceramic? The advantages of metallic stirrers.

  • Optimized homogenization due to unlimited design possibilities
  • More effective stirring through small shafts and large blade diameters
  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Improved thermal shock resistance
  • No contamination of the glass melt
  • Substantially longer service life

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