Isotope containers and safes.

Isotopes are radiating radioactive nuclides of chemical elements. They are used in many different fields, for example for radiotherapy in medical applications.

Isotope containers made of tungsten alloys

These isotopes must be stored and transported in particularly well sealed containers. And this whether they are intended for use in the field of medical technology or for other applications. Whenever you need a reliable radiation shield, we have just the right material. Safes and containers made from the tungsten heavy metal alloys Densimet® and Inermet® absorb radioactive radiation reliably. They ensure that radioactive nuclides are securely shut away.

half-value thickness of tungsten-alloys

Due to their high densities, even thin sheets of our tungsten heavy metal alloys provide reliable protection against radiation. The half-value thickness of our material is significantly better than that of conventional materials such as lead. Thanks to the ductility and high melting point of our materials, these safes and containers are able to withstand even the harshest mechanical, thermal and corrosive environmental conditions.

The advantages to you of containers and safes made from Densimet® and Inermet®:

  • High densities of up to 18.89 g/cm3
  • Ease of mechanical processing
  • High ductility
  • Outstanding absorption of X-ray and gamma radiation

Overview of our range.

We supply radiation-shielding containers and safes from Densimet® and Inermet® tailor-made to meet your requirements. Take a look at our impressive range of materials:

MaterialAbbreviationW-contentbinderDensity [g/cm3]AMS-T-21014
Weakly ferromagnetic
Densimet® 170D17090 %Ni, Fe17,01
Densimet® 176D17693 %Ni, Fe17,62
Densimet® 180D18095%Ni, Fe18,03
Densimet® 185D18597 %Ni, Fe18,54
Densimet® 188D18898,5 %Ni, Fe18,8-
Densimet® D2MD2M90 %Ni, Mo, Fe17,2-
Inermet® 170
IT17090 %Ni, Cu17,01
Inermet® 176IT17692,5 %Ni, Cu17,62
Inermet® 180
IT18095%Ni, Cu18,03
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