Multileaf collimators.

In order to target radiation precisely to the diseased tissue, it is necessary to use multileaf collimators.

First of all, X-ray images are produced to determine the precise position and outline of the tumor. Following this 3-dimensional measurement, an electric motor moves each individual leaf in the collimator to the correct position – with up to 120 leaves being used to shape the outline of the tumor with millimeter accuracy. Then, the tumor is exposed to high energy radiation. During this process, the tumor is radiated by turning the gantry with the multileaf collimator 360° around the patient.

Multileaf collimator

To protect the surrounding healthy tissue, a highly precise multileaf collimator is necessary. To protect the environment from unwanted radiation, different shielding parts made from Densimet® are used.

Our product range extends well beyond customer-specific collimator leaves from the tungsten heavy alloy Densimet®: We are also very happy to supply ready-to-use collimators including the motorized drive unit.

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