Rotating X-ray anodes and accessories.

For the high-resolution devices used in general X-ray applications, mammography, angiography and computed tomography, we develop and manufacture extremely robust X-ray anodes and components for X-ray tubes. We supply anodes made from molybdenum alloys such as TZM and MHC with focal tracks consisting of various tungsten-rhenium alloys. We manufacture molybdenum-vanadium and molybdenum-niobium targets that are specially designed for use in mammography applications and which can be optionally equipped with precious metal focal tracks.

Rotating X-ray anode for X-ray tubes

Our product range also comprises material combinations including copper and precious metals and brazed graphite elements on the metallic disc. As braze materials V/Ta/Zr composites, titanium, zirconium and other materials are used. We supply our anodes as ready-to-use assemblies including the rotor, heat shield and shaft.

Rotating X-ray anode
  • Metal and graphite backed anodes
  • Copper back cast rotors with steel or pure iron cores
  • Brazed, friction-welded rotors with TZM stems, nickel-steel flanges and copper cylinders
  • Cathode heads, cathode filaments, flat emitters and cathode assemblies ready for installation
  • Components for liquid metal (spiral groove) bearings
  • Scattered electron traps manufactured from copper and refractory metal compounds
  • Nuts and washers made from molybdenum, TZM, tantalum and niobium
  • Shielding components manufactured from the tungsten heavy alloys Densimet® and Inermet®
  • TiO2 or TiO2-Al2O3 coatings to increase heat emission
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