Tantalum rods

We place the emphasis on absolute precision during the production of our tantalum rods. We insist on particularly low tolerances in terms of both diameter and roundness and guarantee rods of exceptional straightness.

Niobium and tantalum rods

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You can buy tantalum rods in melting quality (TaM) in the following standard dimensions directly from our online shop. The rod you need is not included? We are happy to manufacture customized tantalum rods. Just contact us!

4.000500 - 2.500pickled0.208
6.000500 - 2.500pickled0.469
10.000500 - 2.500pickled1.303
20.000500 - 2.500forged5.212
30.000500 - 2.500forged11.728
40.000500 - 2.500forged20.85


Specification TaM-rod


Tantalum from reliable sources.

As a company aware of its responsibilities, we do not purchase any so-called "conflict minerals" which are mined in central Africa, and primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The fact that we only use tantalum raw materials from ethically trustworthy sources is officially confirmed by EICC certification. The audit scope covers all the preliminary stages involved in the production of the material and an annual re-audit is performed to confirm continued compliance.

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We like to make life easy: a quick and simple ordering process and clearly presented price scales – directly on your screen. Sheets, rods, ribbons and wires as well as products made out of molybdenum, tungsten and tantalum are available for you in configurable dimensions in our online shop!