Tungsten rods

Whether for injection molding, in the field of device and machining technology or in the lighting industry: Our rods made of tungsten, and tungsten alloys excel due to their outstanding material purity and consistent high quality.

Tungsten rod

We place the emphasis on absolute precision during the production of our tungsten rods. We insist on particularly low tolerances in terms of both diameter and roundness and guarantee rods of exceptional straightness. With our state-of-the-art production equipment and many years of experience in the field of refractory metals, even tungsten rods of diameters of up to 100 mm are no problem for us.

We manufacture our tungsten rods from particularly fine-grained materials, which guarantees good machinability. We subject each rod to ultrasound or eddy current testing. Our range includes a number of different surface qualities: lathed, centerless, forged or etched. Let us know your requirements!

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The following tungsten and tungsten alloy rods can be ordered directly from our online shop. Can't find the size you need? We would be happy to find a custom solution for you!

Tungsten rods:

2.000500 - 3.000ground0.061
2.540500 - 3.000ground0.098
3.00500 - 3.000ground0.136
3.175500 - 3.000ground0.153
4.000500 - 2.500ground0,242
4.750500 - 2.500ground0.342
5.000500 - 2.500ground0.379
6.000500 - 2.500ground0.545
6.350500 - 2.500ground0.611
8.000500 - 2.000 ground0.970
10.000500 - 1.500ground1.515
12.000500 - 2.000 ground2.182
12.700500 - 1.500ground2.444
14.000500 - 1.400ground2.969
16.000500 - 1.500ground3.879
18.000500 - 1.500ground4.909
19.050500 - 1.900ground5.498
20.000500 - 1.700ground6.060
25.000500 - 2.000ground9.469
25.400500 - 1.900ground9.774
30.000500 - 2.200forged13.635
35.000500 - 1.800forged18.559
40.000500 - 2.800forged24.241
45.000500 - 2.200forged30.680
50.000500 - 1.700forged37.876
70.000500 - 2.000forged74.237
80.000500 - 1.900forged96.963


Tungsten rod specifications

Tungsten-lanthanum rods (WL10):

3.500500 - 1.500ground0.186
4.500500 - 1.500ground0.307
5.500500 - 1.500ground0.458
6.000500 - 1.500ground0.545
6.500500 - 1.500ground0.640
7.000500 - 1.500ground0.742
7.500500 - 1.500ground0.852
8.500500 - 1.500ground1.095
12.700500 - 1.600ground2.444
20.000500 - 1.500ground6.060
40.000500 - 3.000forged24.241
45.000500 - 2.300forged30.68
70.000500 - 1.900 forged74.237
80.000500 - 1.700 forged96.963


Specification Tungsten 1% La2O3-Rod (WL10)

As well as pure tungsten and tungsten-lanthanum, we also supply rods made of the following alloys:

  • Molybdenum-tungsten (MoW) provides particularly high corrosion resistance against zinc.
  • Grain-stabilized tungsten (WVMW) provides particularly high dimensional and grain stability.
  • Tungsten-lanthanum (WL) combines excellent creep resistance and thermal stability with a high recrystallization temperature. In addition, the material is easy to machine.
  • Our tungsten alloy Densimet® combines high density with excellent machinability.

We would be happy to find the custom alloy you need. Have a word with us!

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We handle every stage in the manufacture of our molybdenum sheets in-house. From the raw materials through to the finished product. This ensures that you benefit from high-quality at all times.

We compress our metal powders and powder mixes at pressures of up to 2 t/cm² (tonnes per square centimetre) to form a so-called green compact. When end products with particularly demanding geometries are required, we make sure as ear
treatment /

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