Molybdenum spray wire.

Thin layers of molybdenum give vehicle and machine components that are exposed to high mechanical loads exceptionally good sliding properties coupled with excellent wear resistance. Piston rings, synchronizer rings, synchronizing assemblies, shift forks and other vehicle components are protected by flame-sprayed molybdenum coatings.

Molybdenum spray wire
Powder metallurgical production of our spray wire

Plansee uses powder metallurgical methods to produce its spray wire. This ensures that our materials are exceptionally pure and allows our customers to benefit from efficient coating processes that give them particularly uniform and reliable results.

Thanks to its good adherence, high wear resistance and oil compatibility, molybdenum is the ideal material for coatings that have to withstand high mechanical loads. Molybdenum coatings are in widespread use in the vehicle and mechanical engineering industries due to the material's constant coefficient of friction and the protection it provides against excess loads. How it makes you more competitive:

  • Availability and reliability
  • Short delivery times
  • Top quality
  • Guaranteed compliance with specifications with Outstanding purity (min. 99.97 %)
Spray wire

In the flame spraying process, molybdenum is fed in the form of spray wire to the spray gun where it is melted by a flammable gas. Droplets of molybdenum are sprayed onto the surface that is to be coated where they solidify to form a hard layer. When larger areas are involved, thicker layers are required or special requirements regarding adherence have to be met, the arc spraying process is often preferred. In this process, two wires consisting of electrically conductive materials are fed toward one another. These are melted due to the firing of an arc and projected onto the workpiece by compressed air. A more recent variant of flame spraying technology takes the form of High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spraying (HVOF). Due to the particularly homogeneous melting of the material particles and the very high speed at which they collide with the workpiece, HVOF coatings are very uniform and are characterized by a low surface roughness.

Tailor-made spray wire.

Do you need a very specific diameter? That's not a problem. We can manufacture your spray wire in diameters from 1.00 mm to 3.90 mm. And we have our standard dimensions of 2.31 mm (tolerance + 0.025 mm / - 0.025 mm, tensile strength 800 MPa) and 3.17 mm (tolerance + 0 mm / - 0.05 mm, tensile strength 700 MPa) ready and waiting for you in stock.

Black: Wires with graphite-coated surface
Metallic matt: Cleansed (free of oil and other impurities)

Quality assurance:
Fissure-free thanks to 100 % eddy current testing
Test certificates EN 10204, Test Report 2.2 and Inspection Certificate 3.1

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