Sputtering targets and arcing cathodes made of zirconium.

Drills, milling machines or indexable cutting inserts: Nitride and carbide titanium (Ti) and zirconium (Zr) coatings allow you to protect your tools against wear economically and reliably. In addition, zirconium is suitable for decorative coatings in brass-like colors, for example for operating elements on appliances and fittings.

Titanium and zirconium coatings are applied using the reactive magnetron sputtering or the arc evaporation process. We supply both materials as sputtering targets and arc cathodes in all common sizes and formats.

Sputtering targets and arcing cathodes made of zirconium.

Are you in a hurry? That's not a problem. Because we keep semi-finished products such as sheets, tubes and rods in stock in order to guarantee short delivery times.

The most important details at a glance
Material Titanium Zirconium
Purity [%]99.699.2
Guaranteed density [g/cm3]4.56.5
Grain size [µm]100100
Thermal conductivity [W/(m·K)]22.022.7
Coefficient of thermal expansion [1/K] 8.6 · 10-64.8 · 10-6

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We would also be delighted to supply the corresponding fixing materials such as graphite foils, screws, washers and bolts.

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