Become a Plansee partner.

We are looking for partners who want to work with us to achieve their goals and face the challenges of the future with us. Our top priorities in a partner are quality, economic efficiency, supply capability, service and reliability. We feel ourselves to be partly responsible for the success of our customers. If you also feel responsible for the success of your customers - all the better! Because this reflects our striving for constant improvements within our supply chain.

Are you a creative, innovative, competitive supplier who would like to offer us one of the following products or services.

Raw materials

Raw materials
Molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, rhenium, graphite, noble metals, aluminum, copper, chromium, titanium, zirconium, rare earths, hafnium, vanadium, nickel

Plant and machinery

Plant and machinery
Metal removing machines, forming/non-cutting machines, metal forming equipment, powder presses, wire drawing machines, specialized plant and equipment, office and other operating equipment, office communications

Contract processing

Contract processing
Machining, coating, forming, surface technology


Materials testing, materials analysis, repair and maintenance, waste disposal, cleaning of machines and premises, transport, printing

Auxiliary and operating materials

Auxiliary and operating materials
Tools, measuring instruments, grinding material, chemicals, industrial gases, laboratory gases, packaging material, plastics, office supplies


Hardware, software, consulting and training

Our supplier policy.

In our supplier policy you find our main requirements that are applicable for all our suppliers as well as our expectations including ethical behaviour and good corporate governance. And it explains our activities to ensure socially and environmentally responsible sourcing of raw materials and other goods in our supply chain.

Our Conditions of Purchase.

Different countries do things in different ways. And unfortunately, the legal requirements sometimes differ as well. Would you like to sell us something and read our Conditions of Purchase? We're very happy to oblige. Please choose your relevant procuring company and required language here:

Company and siteEnglishGermanFrenchJapaneseChinese
Plansee SE und Plansee Group Service GmbH
Reutte, Austria
Plansee China Ltd.
Hong Kong, China
Plansee Shanghai High Performance Material Ltd.
Shanghai, China
Plansee Composite Materials GmbH
Lechbruck, Germany
Plansee E/G ElectroGraph, Inc.
Vista, California, USA
Plansee USA LLC
Franklin, Massachusetts, USA
Plansee Japan Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
Plansee Powertech AG
Seon, Switzerland
Plansee Tungsten Alloys
la marque de CIME BOCUZE
Saint Pierre en Faucigny, France

Plansee India High Performance Materials Pvt. Ltd.
Mysore, India / Services
Plansee India High Performance Materials Pvt. Ltd.
Mysore, India / Goods

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If you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers or have any questions about our purchasing programme, please contact our purchasing team directly:

We look forward to seeing you there!