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Online shopMy Plansee
Aerial photo of Plansee company headquarters, Reutte

Plansee, the experts in innovative solutions made from molybdenum and tungsten

Plansee High Performance Materials specializes in the manufacturing of components from molybdenum and tungsten. Whether in the semiconductor industry, consumer electronics, medical technology, or high-temperature furnaces, our refractory metals and composites come into play in scenarios where regular metals reach their limits. As an innovation partner, together with our customers we develop sustainable solutions for the high-tech world and continually push the boundaries of what is technologically feasible.

Founded in 1921 in Reutte, Austria, today we are a global and independent private company. We employ around 3,500 people at more than 10 production sites in Asia, the USA, and Europe and have a global sales network. For more than 100 years, Plansee has stood for reliability and stability. This is also reflected in the long-standing company affiliation of our management board.

Plansee Managing Directors Andreas Feichtinger and Ulrich Lausecker

Andreas Feichtinger (left), Executive Vice President, at Plansee since 2008 - Ulrich Lausecker (right), Executive Vice President, with the Plansee Group since 1997.

Plansee at a glance
  • Privately owned company with a success story spanning 100 years

  • Sustainable value chain from the raw material to the finished product

  • Powder metallurgy manufacturing process

  • Proximity to customers through more than 10 production sites 

  • Innovation partner from prototype development to series production

Company history

100 years of Plansee – competence and stability

Metallwerk Plansee original company building, Reutte
1921: Metallwerk Plansee Gesellschaft m.b.H founded in Reutte, Austria

On June 24, 1921, Paul Schwarzkopf from Prague founds Metallwerk Plansee Gesellschaft m.b.H with his business partner Richard Kurtz in Breitenwang/Reutte, Tyrol. A year later, the production of tungsten wires begins.

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Plansee in figures
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A responsible future, since 1921

Security, trust, and sustainability: we still stand for these values after 100 years. The company was founded in 1921 near the Plansee. It is not only our namesake but also our energy source and more important today than ever. Whether it relates to hydroelectric power, sustainable company management, recycling of materials, or global compliance with labor laws, sustainability has always had many dimensions at Plansee.

Hence, our responsibility towards our customers and the environment is deeply rooted in our company. A long-term security of supply is part of our sustainable business development. With our companies and holdings in mines in the West, we guarantee a secure raw material supply. We are committed to transparency and certifications, and ensure via numerous measures that we do not use any raw materials which come from socially, ethically, or ecologically questionable sources. We also are constantly investing in new technology so that we will remain a reliable partner in the future.

More information about sustainability at Plansee can be found here
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Corporate Culture

Strong values, strong culture

Our company values have always shaped the culture of Plansee. They are the bedrock upon which we build our relationships with each other and our partners.

Two women clapping their hands together
We deal openly and fairly with each other and respect different points of view. This is how we generate the best solutions, for our customers and ourselves.
View of Plansee from the air
We value environmental protection and work to conserve our resources. This is how we contribute to a high quality of life. For today and tomorrow.
Person sitting with two different color shoes
We have the courage to change and see change as an opportunity. We look for new trends and react quickly. Courage, curiosity, and ambition have been what has set us apart for many years.
Team cheering with a trophy
We tackle challenges head on and are proud of our successes. As an attractive employer with a customer-oriented organization, we make top performance possible.
Globe schematic with connecting lines
The world is our home – today more than ever before. We never lose sight of our identity, our culture, and our roots.
City at night with lights
We continually invest in the expansion of our company. This is also how we will ensure attractive earnings and jobs for the future.
The Plansee Group

We are part of the Plansee Group

The Plansee Group is focused on the production and marketing of the refractory metals molybdenum and tungsten: Plansee specializes in the processing of molybdenum and tungsten into semifinished products and components. Ceratizit processes tungsten carbide into tools.

The Plansee Group guarantees a sustainable raw material supply. The supply of our key raw materials molybdenum and tungsten is guaranteed by the companies Global Tungsten & Powders and Molymet.