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The Plansee Group is entirely focused on the production and marketing of the refractory metals  molybdenum  and tungsten . In doing so, we also ensure that we have a sustainable raw material supply :

Portfolio of the Plansee Group

Plansee specializes in the processing of the metals molybdenum and tungsten into semifinished products and components. Ceratizit processes tungsten carbide into tools. The supply of our key raw materials molybdenum and tungsten is guaranteed by the company Global Tungsten & Powders (tungsten and tungsten carbide powder) and Molymet (molybdenum powder).

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What Are the Characteristics of Our Metals?

Tungsten, tantalum, and molybdenum are the most heat-resistant metals. When iron and steels start to sweat at 1600 degrees Celsius, our materials remain cool as a cucumber at such temperatures. They are well suited as heaters in high-temperature furnaces or as filaments in lamps because of their high melting point. They score points in electrical switching contacts with their good electrical and thermal conductivity. As an electrically conducted layer in flat screen displays and solar cells, our alloys amaze with their low coefficients of thermal expansion. Thus they bring high-resolution images into your living room and provide us with green energy.