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Online shopMy Plansee
Expertise in refractory metals

Strong on expertise, strong on innovations

We have been producing strong products made from the high-performance materials molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and tungsten composites for 100 years. We have since steadily expanded our expertise above mere material experts. Our current skill set is wide-ranging, now extending beyond the original process of manufacturing and processing refractory metals.

We will support you from beginning to end in finding the right materials and solutions for your requirements – regardless of whether it's part of a long-term development partnership or for a short-term project. In this regard, we are continually moving the boundaries of what is technologically feasible and making a valuable contribution in making our engineered world simpler, more secure and with a greater quality of life. 

Naturally, we will also support you in the generation of your product specification, assembly in our own clean rooms as well as the handling of the entire process chain up to recycling. We are the right partner for you regardless of whether it's for single item production, small series, or large-scale parts production.

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