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Global Tungsten & Powders LLC. (GTP)

Global Tungsten & Powders LLC. (GTP) is a Plansee Group company located in Towanda, Pennsylvania in the USA. GTP consists of two units: GTP Powders and GTP Parts. GTP Parts belongs to the Plansee composites business area and develops, produces, and sells tungsten components for the aviation and aerospace industries as well as the defense industry. The key customer base is the American market.  
Our core competences at GTP Parts:
  • Center of expertise for tungsten heavy metals in the USA
  • Tungsten components for the aviation and aerospace industries as well as the defense industry
  • Gold-coated molybdenum and tungsten wires

GTP Parts obtains its materials from GTP Powders. The company specializes in processing ore concentrates and secondary raw materials to produce high-quality metal powders, such as tungsten, tungsten oxide, tungsten carbide, and cobalt powder, as well as in manufacturing customer-specific components made of these materials. At its site in Towanda, GTP therefore covers the entire value-added chain – from ore concentrates and secondary raw materials through to high-quality, ready-to-install end products.

USA, Towanda

Global Tungsten & Powders LLC.

1 Hawes StreetPA 18848 Towanda
Tel:+1 570 268 5000Fax: +1 570 268 5323
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    Tungsten heavy metal components from GTP Parts are available in a wide variety of shapes and dimensions, and with varied surfaces. 

    GTP Parts spheres
    GTP Parts cubes
    GTP Parts bullet
    GTP Parts rings
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