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2,000 patents worldwide: Plansee Group Inventors Day

In the last fiscal year, the Plansee Group increased its number of patents yet again and now holds more than 2,000 patents worldwide—a new record.
Left to right: Jörg Färber, Mario and Toni Innauer, Karlheinz Wex, Bernhard Schretter, Ulrich Lausecker

This includes granted and active patents as well as patent applications and utility models. Wolfgang Köck, Managing Director at Plansee, and Peter Fink, Managing Director of Ceratizit Austria, shared these numbers during the second Inventors Day of the Plansee Group in Reutte. 80 inventors from across the globe convened in Reutte to invigorate the ingenuity in the Group. All employees who were involved in an invention over the past two years were recognized with the "Plansee Group Inventor Plaque."  

Presentations highlighting individual projects demonstrated just how ideal the conditions are for inventions: In Italy, a particularly sharp tool was developed. Among other applications, the tool is used for machining aircraft components. In Germany a tool equipped with a display for reading out data was developed. And Austria is enhancing 3D printing techniques for tungsten and molybdenum materials.

In his guest lecture, ski jumping legend Toni Innauer spoke about innovation and peak performance in the world of sports and in companies. "There are people everywhere who want to give their best," Innauer said. He added that it was crucial to continuously fight for the best conditions to allow these individuals to achieve their full potential.