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Supplier awards: Plansee honored three times

The Plansee team was recently honoured to receive three awards from key customers: AMEC, Texas Instruments and Sony presented Plansee with Supplier Awards for their excellent support in 2019.
Semiconductor industry

This goes to show once again that Plansee is the first-choice supplier for its customers. Proven expertise, high quality, outstanding work and reliability are what characterize Plansee as a manufacturer. It is exactly these factors that play a decisive role in the semiconductor industry.

AMEC award

AMEC is a global micro-fabrication equipment company serving customers in the semiconductor industry and related high-tech sectors, based in China. Plansee has been supplying the company with various products for MOCVD since 2017, including Re outer heaters, Mo liners, spindles and filaments. The excellent properties of the products and their consistently high quality made Plansee the preferred supplier for AMEC.

Texas Instruments (TI) is a US technology company that designs, manufactures and sells semiconductors and various integrated circuits worldwide. Texas Instruments has been a customer of Plansee for many years now. TI Asia has now presented Plansee with the "Regional Supplier Recognition Award" in recognition of its outstanding performance in the areas of cost, environmental and social responsibility, technology, responsiveness, delivery reliability and quality.

Sony is a global company specializing in consumer and professional electronics, semiconductors, gaming, entertainment, and financial services. Sony has been a longstanding customer of Plansee, purchasing semiconductor and MOCVD products. Plansee and its sales partner TCS were awarded the breakthrough prize by Sony for the development of a W-liner source, which extends the source service life and reduces the costs for their CIS process.

The entire Plansee Management team would like to thank AMEC, TI and Sony for the award, as well as thank all employees who contributed to this success.