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High voltage

Our electrical contacts for high voltage

Our electrical contacts made from tungsten-copper are used in high-voltage switches. Here our WCu arcing contacts in SF6 power switches ensure the reliable switching of high voltage. They are used in substations, load distribution stations, and power plants. The unique material properties of our material help to ensure switch longevity and reliability.  

We use powder metallurgy to manufacture our metal composite materials. The benefits to you include optimally balanced material properties and a particularly homogeneous material composition. We manufacture high-precision switching contact systems using modern connection technology and fully automated production lines.

Our team from Plansee Powertech in Switzerland specializes in everything around energy technology. Our product developers there work hard on a daily basis to develop the best material and design solutions. From prototypes to series production, we work in close cooperation with you to develop the optimal contact material as well as the most efficient switching contact system.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Competence Center in EU: development and manufacturing of switching contacts

  • Mass and series production

  • Prototype production with a fast turnaround time

  • Wide-ranging product portfolio

  • Sound technical know-how

  • Last manufacturer in the West

Learn more about our WCu switching contacts for high voltage: