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Medium voltage

Guaranteed energy supply: our components for medium voltage

Medium voltage is mainly used in distribution networks. They supply low-voltage networks, and thus end consumers, with energy. Reliable switching contacts are required in order to ensure a secure energy supply. The mechanical and electrical properties of these switches must be able to withstand numerous switching cycles. This is not a problem for our switching contacts made from tungsten and tungsten composite materials. We use powder metallurgy to manufacture our metal composite materials. The benefits to you include optimally balanced material properties and a particularly homogeneous material composition. We manufacture high-precision switching contact systems using modern connection technology and fully automated production lines.

We have a location in Switzerland – Plansee Powertech – that specializes in energy technology. Our development team there works hard on a daily basis to develop the best material and design solutions. From prototypes to series production, we work in close cooperation with you to develop the optimal contact material as well as the most efficient switching contact system.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Dedicated site that specializes in energy technology

  • Development

  • Best product quality

  • Cost efficiency

  • Highest precision

  • Supply chain collaboration

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