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Hard coating

Highest material purity: sputtering targets and arc cathodes for hard coating

Wherever high mechanical loads reign supreme, tools such as drills and cutters are in danger of wearing out. In order to prevent rapid wear, tools are coated with hard materials. They serve as a wear protection layer and help to ensure a long service life. That's why we manufacture sputtering targets and arcing cathodes for coating these components made from materials based on aluminum, titanium, zircon, chromium, and ceramics.

Our sputtering targets and arcing cathodes are characterized by the highest material purity, high density, and a fine-grained microstructure. How do we guarantee this? Through our production chain that starts with metal powder. We manufacture compact, metal parts from porous powder blanks. This results in targets and arcing cathodes with a maximum density and the highest quality. Our materials scientists and engineers will work together with you to find innovative and customized solutions specially for your application – from prototype development to the finished product.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Highest product quality

  • Unsurpassed material purity

  • Sound application

  • Prototype

  • Long-term partnerships

Our products for hard coating:

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