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Welding industry

Excellent conductivity: electrodes for the welding industry

Using our welding electrodes made from the refractory metals molybdenum and tungsten, materials are joined together reliably. Here you have to contend with high currents and high pressing forces, which is why the electrodes must meet the highest requirements. This is not a problem for our back-cast resistance welding electrodes! Our products are characterized by a 100 percent connection between the electrode insert and the electrode shaft, excellent electrical conductivity as well as a high thermal conductivity with significantly lower wear and tear at the same time.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the welding industry, we can not only handle difficult-to-process materials, but also maintain the strictest tolerances. This guarantees precision. You will also profit from the decades of technical knowledge of our materials scientists and engineers. The same is true for our investment in mines in the West and our in-house production. In this way, we guarantee a secure raw material supply and supply capability as well as constantly high, reproducible quality.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Highest product quality

  • Reproducible quality

  • Long product
    service life

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