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Optimal quality: hot runner nozzles and targets for the manufacturing of plastic vehicle components

In the automotive industry, a wide range of components are manufactured using plastic injection molding. Because of its processing characteristics, plastic can be turned into various shapes, which is why it is then used as the source material for dashboards, door panels, and glove compartments. This is done by transporting the liquid plastic through a hot runner and then injecting it into molds using a hot runner nozzle. This is where our products come into play. Our nozzle tips for hot runner nozzles made from TZM have a high thermal conductivity. They ensure that the plastic has the ideal temperature when injected into the mold.

Metallization via the PVD method is frequently used in order to enhance various kinds of plastic components in the interior as well as the exterior of motor vehicles. This method can also create targeted color variations as well as increase the wear resistance of components. We offer a wide range of PVD targets for decorative applications of this type.

The PVD method is also used to increase the production efficiency of coated forming die. We offer a wide range of suitable targets for this purpose as well.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Unbeatable product quality

  • Material purity

  • Excellent delivery performance

Learn more about our nozzle tips for the production of vehicle components made of plastic:

From powder to the final product

Uncompromising quality is a basic prerequisite here. That's why we do not outsource. Our production chain starts with the reduction of ultrapure oxide to metal powder. This is the only way that we can guarantee the high material purity and then ultimately the high product quality. At the same time, our investment in mines in the West helps to ensure a secure supply of raw materials. You also benefit from our in-house production and international manufacturing network, ensuring reliable delivery capability.

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    Heat treatment
    Mech. processing
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OxideMolymet (Chile) is the world's largest processor of molybdenum ore concentrates and our main supplier of molybdenum trioxide. The Plansee Group holds a 21.15% share in Molymet. Global Tungsten & Powders (USA) is a division of the Plansee Group and our main supplier of tungsten metal powder.

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