Tungsten heavy alloys

Plansee Densimet® and Inermet® composite materials are heavy metals with a high tungsten content (> 90%) and a NiFe or NiCu binder phase. Densimet® and Inermet® tungsten alloys are distinguished by their particularly high density. Combined with their ability to absorb radiation as well as their outstanding mechanical properties and machinability, they are the ideal materials for a wide range of applications, such as in aerospace, the automotive industry, medical engineering and the construction industry.

Multileaf collimator
Multileaf collimator
Collimators for radiosurgery
Collimators for radiosurgery
Mold inserts
Mold inserts
Balancing weights
Balancing weights

Benefits of Densimet® and Inermet®

  • high density of 17.0 to 18.8 g/cm3 (similar to pure tungsten)
  • better machinability compared to pure tungsten
  • inexpensive manufacture of complex products and components
  • high Young’s modulus and very good mechanical properties
  • high absorption capacity for X-rays and gamma rays
  • harmless to the health and environment

Densimet® alloys are also characterised by their excellent strength and ductility, while another clear advantage of Inermet® alloys lies in their non-magnetic characteristics.

Density comparison of heavy metals

Heavy metals for technical applications are generally defined as materials with a density higher than that of steel (8g/cm3).

Density comparison of heavy metals
Density comparison of heavy metals

Physical properties - typical values

Thermal expansion Densimet®
Thermal expansion Inermet®
Electrical resistivity
Thermal conductivity

Physical properties - typical values

Modulus of elasticity E [GPa]340330360350380360385
Modulus of rigidity G [GPa]140125145135150140160

Densimet ®
MaterialDensimet® 185Densimet® D2M
Chemical compositionW97.0 %90.0 %
OtherNi, FeNi, Mo, Fe
Density [g/cm3]18,517,2
Tensile strength at 20 °C [MPa]800990
Resistance to oxidationup to 600 °Cup to 600 °C
Thermal conductivity at 500 °C [W/m·K]9065
Modulus of elasticity [GPa]385360
Hardness [HRC]max. 31max. 31
Yield Strength at 20 °C [MPa]600700
Breaking elongation at 20 °C [%]1018
Coefficient of thermal expansion [10-6 K-1]5.05.3
MaterialInermet® 170 Inermet® 176 Inermet® 180
Chemical compositionW90.0 %92,5 %95%
OtherNi, CuNi, CuNi, Cu
Density [g/cm3]1717,618
Modulus of elasticity [GPa]330350360
MaterialDensity [g/cm3]Yield strength [MPa]
av. / min.

Tensile strength [MPa]
av. / min.

Elongation [%]
av. / min.

K (5x5)
Charpy Test [J/cm2]
av. / min.
K (10x10)
Charpy Test [J/cm2]
av. / min.
Denal ®
920 60 20
17,61250 / 11801250 / 118014 / 9100 / 60130 / 65
920 159 20
17,61460 / 14001460 / 140011 / 8150 / 100200 / 150
910 179 20
17.51640 / 16001640 / 160010 / 7100 / 60130 / 65
917 108 XXX (1)
17.551280 / 12201315 / 125512 / 8.5170 / 105-
917 108 XXX (2)
17.551410 / 13501435 / 13759 / 690 / 50-
917 108 XXX (3)
17.551510 / 14501525 / 14657 / 460 / 30-

In good hands

We have an own team which is dedicated to the production and development of products made of Densimet®. Our Head of Development Thomas Granzer takes you on a tour from the powder to the finished product:


Plansee Densimet® and Inermet® products are manufactured using powder metallurgy. All stages of production, from the powder to the finished product, comply with the Plansee quality standards, thus exceeding the ISO 9001 requirements. In order to manufacture Densimet® and Inermet®, mixtures of powdered metals are pressed and liquid-phase sintered to obtain a 100-percent dense and solid material. The sintered product can be supplied as a semi-finished product, near-net-shape product or finished product. Upon customer’s request, our Densimet® and Inermet® components can be adapted by shaping and heat-treatment techniques to meet specific application requirements. Plansee Densimet® and Inermet® materials comply with the AMS-T-21014 and ASTM-B-777-99 (MIL-T-21014) specifications.

Manufacturing process of Densimet® and Inermet® products
Manufacturing process of Densimet® and Inermet® products

Plansee supplies semi-finished products such as plates and rods as well as finished parts according to the customer’s drawing made of the following material compositions:

MaterialAbbreviationW-contentbinderDensity [g/cm3]AMS-T-21014
Weakly ferromagnetic
Densimet® 170D17090 %Ni, Fe17,01
Densimet® 176D17693 %Ni, Fe17,62
Densimet® 180D18095%Ni, Fe18,03
Densimet® 185D18597 %Ni, Fe18,54
Densimet® 188D18898,5 %Ni, Fe18,8-
Densimet® D2MD2M90 %Ni, Mo, Fe17,2-
Inermet® 170
IT17090 %Ni, Cu17,01
Inermet® 176IT17692,5 %Ni, Cu17,62
Inermet® 180
IT18095%Ni, Cu18,03

Applications of tungsten alloys

Medical technology


With a density in the range of 17 up to almost 19 g/cm3and a high X-ray and gamma ray absorption capacity, Densimet® is the ideal material for collimators and shielding components in radiotherapy. In comparison to other materials Densimet® tungsten alloys have exceptional stability and freedom from distortion. The good machinability of Densimet® allows the production of complex geometries according to customer drawings.

Aerospace industry

Thanks to their high densities, Densimet® and Inermet® are particularly suitable for balancing rotating systems such as in:

  • propellers or helicopter blades
  • rudders
  • avionics
  • radar systems
  • targeting pods

Because of its non-magnetic properties Inermet® is especially used in avionic systems. Thanks to a blend of innovation, process monitoring and strict quality inspections our products meet the most demanding of requirements. Plansee balancing weights are classified as FSP (Flight Safety Parts) requiring approved and consistent production processes which fulfil the highest
standards in terms of traceability and repeatability.

Automotive industry

Densimet® and Inermet® components are applied for high-performance combustion engines requiring high mass at low volume. Plansee quality products meet the requirements of engines in Formula 1 vehicles as well as of premium SUVs, heavy goods vehicles and large diesel engines.

Crankshaft balance weights: One of the main requirements in engine development is to achieve the most compact and space-saving design possible. Plansee components made of Densimet® and Inermet®, with a density of up to nearly 19g/cm³, are especially well-suited for use in crankshaft and flywheel balance weights.

Absorbers and dampers: Because of their high density values, high Young’s modulus and outstanding mechanical properties, Densimet® and Inermet® tungsten alloys are particularly well suited for manufacturing damper and absorber components in the

Further industries and applications

Densimet® and Inermet® are high-strength alloys with high density and good machining properties, making them the ideal solution to improve your products and performance. Densimet® and Inermet® inserts increase the mass forces, thus improving the efficiency of precision devices.

Watch industry: Its non-magnetic properties, combined with its non-porous characteristics and precise machinability, are reasons why Inermet® is chosen by leading watchmakers for use as oscillating weights.

Optical Industry: Complex-shaped Densimet® other Inermet® weights are used for balancing microscopes and optical precision instruments.

Sports equipment: Densimet® and Inermet® materials are used as a lead substitute for sports equipment in order to protect health and environment.

Equipment for the foundation engineering industry: In construction engineering vibratory hammers are used for pile driving. At the heart of every vibratory hammer is a transmission unit with rotating eccentric weights, which convert the vibration energy into sinusoidal vertical forces. For deep soil compaction out-of-balance Densimet® weights are used to increase the vibratory forces.

Oil and gas drilling: Due to the high absorption capacity for X-rays and gamma rays Densimet® and Inermet® are the ideal materials for shieldings or sinker bars in logging tools.

Precision tools: Deep hole drilling requires the use of high-precision tools with long, low-vibration tool holders. Thanks to its high density, its high Young’s modulus and its excellent mechanical properties, Densimet® is both solid and vibration absorbent,
making it the ideal material for tool holders and highspeed spindles.

Dimensions from diameter 3 to 62mm and beyond are available from our stock, enabling us to guarantee short delivery times.

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