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Balancing weight

Balancing weights and vibration weights made of Densimet® and Inermet®

Balancing weights made of our tungsten heavy metal composites Densimet® and Inermet® reduce oscillations, weight transfers, imbalances, and vibrations, while also compensating for them. They also create or shift centers of gravity. In this way, our balancing weights ensure the optimum balance for your product.

Our materials are also well suited as vibration weights, reliably ensuring the targeted generation of mechanical oscillations. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Highest density up to
    18.8 g/cm3

  • High modulus of elasticity

  • Optimal mechanical workability

  • High strength

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Massive weight in the smallest space

Crankshaft balancing weight

Thanks to their high densities of up to 18.8 g/cm3, our tungsten heavy metal composites Densimet® and Inermet® offer outstanding performance
wherever a lot of weight has to be packed into a tiny space.

They are required as balancing weights in crankshafts and balance shafts and are used in all types of engines as well as numerous racing applications. In addition, our tungsten heavy metal composites are also well suited as damper and absorber components in the drive train.

Anti-vibration weights

Balancing weight product range

Balancing weights are not just essential components in the automotive and racing industries, they are also used in numerous other applications. They help reduce the loads that parts are exposed to and consequently increase their service life.

In the aviation and aerospace industries, our tungsten composite materials Densimet® and Inermet® provide outstanding performance as balancing weights, for example, in propeller and helicopter blades, rudders, ailerons, radar equipment, and avionics systems.

Weights for generating oscillations

Our weights made of tungsten composites are not just ideal for correcting imbalances. They are also well suited as vibration weights for the targeted generation of mechanical oscillations. Depending on the requirements, we will manufacture these vibration weights in various dimensions according to your drawing – as the smallest component as well as large components for various industrial applications. Using our state-of-the-art, fully automated production systems, we can produce both low unit quantities as well as mass-produced components with several million units.

Application examples for our weights:

  • Automotive industry: crankshaft counter weights and chassis weights
  • Aviation and aerospace: propeller and helicopter blades
  • Watch industry: oscillating weights
  • Sports equipment
  • Optical industry: microscopes and measuring instruments
  • Oil and gas drilling: logging tools
Production – sintering

Our balancing weights made of tungsten heavy metal alloys during the sintering process. Learn more about our manufacturing process on the W-based Metal Matrix Composites (W-MMC) material page.

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High elasticity for precise machining

As pure tungsten is very brittle, we add nickel and iron and fuse these alloying elements in a liquid-phase sintering process. The liquid nickel-iron phase binds the tungsten grains, thus guaranteeing high ductility. The advantage of this is that our material offers optimal mechanical processing capabilities and is also able to withstand high loads. Our balancing weights are ideally suited for applications in the watch industry because they are easy to process and have high densities. Machined weights made of non-magnetic Inermet® are also used as oscillating rotors. Inermet® is also easy to coat. With their complex geometries, our weights are also used to balance microscopes and high-precision optical instruments as well as for other products in the semiconductor industry.

  Densimet® Inermet®
Material D170 D176 D180 D185 IT170 IT176 IT180
Modulus of elasticity E [GPa] 340 360 380 385 330 350 360


Please see our materials page for more details about the mechanical properties as well as some useful tips for processing our materials.

We have our own team that is dedicated to the manufacturing and development of products made of Densimet®. Our Head of Development Thomas Granzer takes you on a tour from the powder right through to the quality control:

The right material for your requirements

Densimet® and Inermet® have a tungsten content of over 90%. We add nickel-iron or nickel-copper as a binder. Whether higher density or more elasticity, weak ferromagnetic or paramagnetic, our range of materials offers the right material for your application. We would be happy to advise you – Get in touch!

You can find an overview of our range of materials with detailed specifications here:

To the W-MMC material page

We produce ready-for-use components entirely to your requirements. Our sales team would be happy to hear from you regarding tailor-made products made of Densimet® .

Naturally, we can also provide semifinished products. Our Densimet® rods can be easily purchased directly from our Plansee online shop.

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