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Glass melt rod

Components for manufacturing quartz glass

During the manufacture of quartz glass, quartz sand is poured into a vertical furnace. The material is melted in crucibles inside the furnace and drawn through a nozzle to rods or plates. A mandrel shaft is also used in the production of a quartz glass rod. Our molybdenum and tungsten components are perfectly suited to the extreme stresses to which the tools are exposed during quartz glass production.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Heat-resistant  up to 2200°C

  • Minimal bubble formation

  • No discoloration in the glass

  • Minimal corrosion

  • High dimensional accuracy

Our molybdenum and tungsten components are even heat-resistant at 2200°C. We produce your entire hot zone from these refractory metals. We use the following products for quartz glass production:

  • Nozzles
  • Melting tubes made of seamless (pressed-sintered) components
  • Melting tubes made of riveted molybdenum- or tungsten sheets
  • Forged mandrel shafts
  • Mesh heaters and rod heating elements
  • Shieldings

We only process the purest material and compress our products to virtually 100% using special forming technologies. The high degree of purity and density of our materials prevent bubble formation and discoloration in the glass.