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Core wire

Mo-ILQ® core wire for the production of tungsten wire filaments

We supply molybdenum-lanthanum-oxide (ML) wires and pins for conducting electricity in halogen lamps and gas discharge lamps. We use different alloying additions and optimized production processes to improve the properties of pure molybdenum. We dope this with La2O3. This ensures that our electrically conductive pins and wires have an outstandingly high ductility and dimensional stability.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent drawing properties

  • High ductility, even after recrystallization

  • Homogeneous mechanical properties

  • Lower tendency to crack and break

Our product specification available for download:

Mo-ILQ® wire specification

Excellent resilience thanks to improved ductility

Mo-ILQ® wire

When producing the Mo-ILQ® wire, 300 µg/g lanthanum oxide is added to pure molybdenum. This increases the recrystallization temperature of the core wire. The homogeneous, elongated microstructure ensures that our Mo-ILQ® core wires remain ductile, even in a recrystallized state. Our Mo-ILQ® wire is considerably more ductile than pure molybdenum wire, even after the annealing stage of the filament manufacturing process.

The perfect wire for your specific application

The ready-to-install core wire is available in diameters of 20 µm to 550 µm with a black or electropolished surface on standard coils.

We provide redraw wires made of Mo-ILQ® in diameters of 0.3 to 3.2 mm with a graphitized surface on standard coils or as self-supporting wire rings.