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Dimming caps

Dimming caps made of molybdenum

Halogen lamps for vehicle headlamps, such as H4 halogen lamps, usually have two filaments: one for full beam and one for low beam which is shielded by a molybdenum dimming cap, thus limiting the beam of light.

The highest precision in the manufacturing process is decisive along with maintaining the exact geometry of the dimming caps because of the strict regulations regarding the point at which the light cast by car headlamps ends.

Our molybdenum dimming caps for vehicle headlamps are characterized by very high and reproducible quality. This is so they will meet our customers' "zero defect" requirement. They reflect light particularly well and ensure optimal light yield with a long service life due to the high purity of our material.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Consistent quality due to the highest tolerance specifications

  • Production according to specific customer requirements

  • 100% inspection guarantees suitability for fully automatic production

  • Best light yields due to the high gloss level of the surfaces

  • Long service life of the lamp due to the material purity

Highest precision and purity

Highest precision and purity

Our ready-to-install molybdenum dimming caps are made according to your requirements and each one is subjected to a fully automated inspection. This is why our products are perfectly suited for your automatic production line. Naturally, our products are cleaned and annealed for delivery as well as packaged in airtight aluminum containers with a desiccant.