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Plasma spray electrodes

Electrodes made of tungsten-copper

During plasma spraying, metal- or ceramic powder is melted in a plasma arc and then propelled at high speed against the workpiece to be coated. In this way, it is possible to deposit impermeable, adherent layers on tools and various equipment components. When used in spraying guns, our electrodes have to be able to withstand temporary plasma temperatures of over 12,000°C.

This high stress is no problem for our tungsten-copper electrodes. The back-casting production process makes a perfect connection between the tungsten and copper. Our electrodes thus enable constant operating conditions for a long service life.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High temperature

  • Radiation-free and environmentally friendly

  • Long service life

  • Good ignition capability

  • Optimal thermal conductivity

You want it, we'll deliver

We have the following industry standard-complaint nozzles and electrodes in stock:

We would also be happy to supply you with semifinished products for electrodes made of back-cast tungsten-copper.

Environmentally friendly and high-performance

Plasma spray electrodes and nozzles

We use thorium-free plasma spray electrodes
made of tungsten-lanthanum. These electrodes are not only environmentally friendly, but high-performance as well.

You can read the results for yourself in the scientific contribution from the University of Leoben titled "RM6 Substitution of Thoria Additions by Lanthanum-Oxide Doping in Electrodes for Atmospheric Plasma Spraying"

University of Leoben scientific contribution