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Fine tungsten wire for window heating

Fine tungsten wire for window heating

Heatable glass is used to prevent the fogging up and freezing of windows in automobiles, trucks, and ships. We provide exactly the right heating wire for manufacturing this glass: fine tungsten wires that can be used in all types of window heating.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reproducible and controllable processes thanks to maximum purity –

  • Consistent mechanical properties

  • Good workability

  • Range of available diameters and resistances

Highest precision

We manufacture with very narrow diametrical tolerances, guaranteeing consistent mechanical properties and a defined "split level". We also guarantee a purity of at least 99.95% as the perfect prerequisite for reproducible and controllable processes.

To prevent reflections in the glass, we produce our fine tungsten wire for window heating with a graphitated surface. The wires are available with a diameter of 12 µm to 58 µm as standard, which corresponds to a resistance class of 630 – 40 Ohm/m.

Size comparison of fine wire/hair

The unique properties of our ultra fine tungsten wire enable us to offer you a precision wire of the highest quality. And when we say "fine" we mean a diameter of 0.015 mm. In comparison: human hair has an average diameter of 0.075 mm, making it almost six times as thick.

Of course we also provide our wires on standardized coils, packaged air-tight with desiccant in order to prevent oxidation as far as possible during storage.