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Nozzles for glass wool- and glass fiber manufacturing

Nozzles for glass wool- and glass fiber manufacturing

Glass, rock, and ceramic wools as well as glass fibers are manufactured using very high temperatures up to 1700°C. The liquid melt passes through outflow nozzles made of molybdenum or tungsten during the production process. The melt is then either blown or spun to create the finished product.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Enhanced service life due to special precious metal inserts

  • Nozzle design according to specific requirements

Quality through durability

A precisely dosed, centric melt spray is indispensable for the quality of the final product. We can ensure this with our high-temperature-resistant nozzles made of molybdenum and tungsten. With the addition of iridium- and rhenium inserts, they are especially durable as well as wear- and corrosion-resistant. We have also developed a special technique for joining the precious metal insert and the refractory metal nozzle, allowing the highest service lives to be achieved.