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Ribbons made of molybdenum and tantalum

Ribbons made of platinum-plated molybdenum and tantalum

Molybdenum-yttrium oxide ESS ribbons are used to conduct the electricity reliably in a high intensity discharge lamp (HID lamp). They reduce the stress between the current conductor ribbon and the surrounding glass due to their special geometry.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable welded joint

  • Reproducible process 

  • Low scrap rates

  • Platinum-plated Mo ribbons: particularly dense and extremely ductile

  • Ta ribbons: excellent "gas getter effect"

Reliable welding aids for your lamp production

The tungsten electrode must be connected to the ESS ribbon inside the lamp. Tungsten electrodes and MY ESS ribbons both have a high thermal and electrical conductivity as well as high melting points. These properties make welding more difficult. To ensure a reliable connection between both components, we supply thin tantalum ribbons or platinum-coated molybdenum ribbons. They are inserted between the ESS ribbon and the tungsten electrode, making a reliable welded joint possible.

Our molybdenum and tantalum ribbons also ensure the best welding results in the production of halogen lamps. In this case, the electrically conductive ESS ribbon and tungsten coil are joined using resistance welding.

The result is a reproducible process and low scrap rates.

Rely on top quality

Rely on top quality

As standard, we coat our molybdenum ribbons with a platinum layer with a thickness between 0.6 and 1.0 µm. With our high-temperature process, coating thicknesses are also possible down to a minimum value of 0.2 µm.

Our platinum coatings are especially dense, extremely ductile, provide guaranteed purity, and adhere very well to molybdenum. That's why they are very easy to weld and extremely reliable, thus reducing the scrap rate during lamp production.

Tantalum has an excellent "gas getter effect". The material absorbs hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen from the atmosphere and is therefore particularly suitable for vacuum applications in the lighting industry. Thanks to our annealing processes, we can adapt the material properties of our tantalum products to meet the precise requirements of your application.

Our ribbons arrive specially cleaned and packaged with outstanding surface purity. In this way, we can prevent impurities from penetrating the atmosphere of the lamp.