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Sealing-in films for quartz glass lamps

Sealing-in films for quartz glass lamps

Molybdenum ribbons are used to ensure a reliable flow of electricity in a quartz glass lamp. We have developed ribbons which have the optimum material and shape for this application:
ESS ribbons (Elliptically Shaped for Sealing) made of a molybdenum-yttrium-cerium mixed oxide.

These can be reliably welded to internal and external feed wires and are then subsequently enclosed by the quartz glass. Thanks to their flat, elliptical shape, our MY ESS ribbons reduce the stress between the glass and metal components. This keeps the glass of the lamp crack-free and gas-tight.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Better film adherence for glass sealing

  • Reduced mechanical stress between glass and metal joint

  • High output in lamp production

  • Consistent high quality of the ribbons

  • Strictest thickness- and width tolerances

Our product specification available for download:

MY ESS ribbon specification

MY ESS ribbon – for long-lasting halogen- and HID lamps with the highest light quality

MY ESS ribbons

Why do molybdenum-yttrium oxide (MY) and quartz glass adhere so well?
During etching, the dopants in the MY are released at the material surface. As soon as the molten glass comes into contact with the metal
surface, the Y2O3 dopants and the quartz glass (SiO2) form a chemical bond that increases the adherence between the ribbon and the glass. We reduce the risk of leakages due to the low stress between the glass and the metal.

We provide pickled MY ESS ribbons in dimensions between 15 – 42 µm thick and 1.5 – 20 mm wide suitable for your requirements.

We guarantee the consistent high quality of our sealing-in films with our modern and fully automated production process. In this way, you will achieve a high output for your lamp production with our products. 


Constant quality for your fully automated production

The mechanical properties of each coil of wire must be consistent especially in fully automatic production processes. This is the only way to ensure a uniform springback property. With the low production tolerances of our products, we help to ensure trouble-free production without downtimes.