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Radiation protection shieldings

Shieldings made of tungsten composites

Wherever our shieldings are used, they help protect people. We create customized solutions from our tungsten composites Densimet® and Inermet® to provide reliable shielding against gamma and X-ray radiation. Densimet® and Inermet® have the best properties to meet the strict requirements in various industries. In this way, our products make a decisive contribution to medical technology, security technology, and industrial X-rays.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable radiation protection

  • Materials pose no endangerment to health

  • Products with the highest precision and quality

  • Tailor-
    made solutions through to complex assemblies

  • Powder, final product, recycling – everything from a single source

  • REACH- and RoHS-compliant materials

The unique properties of our materials

Our tungsten composites Densimet® and Inermet® have versatile applications and are characterized by outstanding shielding properties. They have a high mechanical strength, consistent heat and corrosion resistance, and a high density. In addition, they pose no endangerment to health and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials such as lead.

Here you can find a comparison of the shielding properties of our materials Densimet® and Inermet® compared to lead and concrete.

Our W-based Metal Matrix Composites (W-MMC) page contains detailed information about our materials, their properties and specifications.

To our W-MMC materials

Versatile areas of application

Collimator helmet shieldings

In medical technology, our complex shielding solutions made of Densimet® and Inermet® provide impressive performance in both radiation therapy as well as diagnostic radiology. They are not just used to protect against radiation, but are also used to help ensure that the radioactivity reaches exactly where it is required. This is the only way to fight tumors and provide reliable support for the healing process.

In diagnostic radiology (PET), in brachytherapy, and in the production of medical isotopes, e.g., Molybdenum99, our products guarantee safe handling and storage as well as radiation-proof transport 

to the point of use. Reliability and safety are a top priority for transport companies, medical professionals, and patients.

In the security sector, our products support danger prevention at airports, ports, and at the border, providing protection to society at large. In these areas, gamma and X-ray radiation is used to screen luggage, containers, freight trains, and motor vehicles. Here it is very important to channel and shield this radiation in a reliable manner so that passengers, personnel, and other parties are provided the best possible protection.

Our tungsten composites also play a significant role in the industrial sector, where they provide reliable protection against radioactivity during repairs and maintenance work on nuclear reactors or pipelines for supplying oil & gas, for example.

Container shieldings

We manufacture diverse products ranging from final products to complex assemblies, all with the highest precision while meeting customer requirements:

  • Transport containers
  • Safes
  • Collimators
  • Collimator assemblies, multi-leaf collimators

From powder to the final product

When manufacturing these products, we do not outsource anything – from the procurement of conflict-free raw materials (as per RoHS criteria), the entire production process to the final product and finally recycling. This is how we can guarantee you the highest material purity, consistent high quality as well as the complete traceability of our products.

    Mixing alloys
    Heat treatment
    Mechanical processing
    Quality assurance
OxideMolymet (Chile) is the world's largest processor of molybdenum ore concentrates and our main supplier of molybdenum trioxide. The Plansee Group holds a 21.15% share in Molymet. Global Tungsten & Powders (USA) is a division of the Plansee Group and our main supplier of tungsten metal powder.