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Spray wire

Molybdenum spray wire

Thin layers of molybdenum impart extraordinarily good sliding properties and a very high wear resistance to vehicle and machine parts that are subject to a high mechanical load. Piston rings, synchronizer rings, synchronizer bodies, shift forks, and other parts of motor vehicles are protected by layers of molybdenum by means of a flame spraying process.

Plansee produces its molybdenum spray wire with a powder metallurgical process. This guarantees the high purity of our materials and enables our customers to carry out efficient coating processes with particularly homogeneous and reliable results.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Availability and reliability

  • Short delivery times

  • Top quality

  • Guaranteed high purity
    that meets specifications – min. 99.97%

Our product specification available for download:

Mo spray wire specification

Ideal coating for heavy loads

Thanks to its good adhesion, high wear resistance, and oil tolerance, molybdenum is the ideal material for coatings that are subject to a high mechanical load. With a consistent coefficient of friction and overload prevention, molybdenum layers are widely used in automotive and mechanical engineering. These protective surface layers are applied by means of thermal coating processes.

Flame spraying process

During the flame spraying process, a molybdenum spray wire is fed into a spraying gun. There the wire is melted by a fuel gas. Compressed air forces molybdenum droplets onto the surface to be coated, where they solidify to form a solid layer.
Arc processes are often used in the case of larger surfaces, thicker layers, or more stringent adhesion requirements. During these processes, two wire-shaped, electrically conductive spray materials are brought together, melted by the ignition of an arc, and sprayed onto the workpiece using compressed air.

High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) spraying

A newer variant of the flame spraying process is the high velocity oxygen fuel spraying process. The material particles melt particularly evenly and adhere to the workpiece extremely quickly. HVOF coatings are therefore extremely homogeneous and have a low surface roughness.

Spray wire made to measure

We provide spray wire with a diameter of 1.00 mm to 3.90 mm. We have the standard dimensions of 2.31 mm and 3.17 mm available from stock.

Black: Wires with graphitized surface
Metallic matt: Cleaned (free from oils and other impurities)

Quality assurance:
Fissure-free thanks to 100% eddy current testing, test certificates according to EN 10204
Test report 2.2 and acceptance test certificate 3.1