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Anti-vibration tool holders made of Densimet®

Whether it's riveting, deep hole drilling, grinding, or turning, vibrations and loud noises from the tool are particularly common when machining lightweight and flexible materials.

With our anti-vibration components made of Densimet®, the quiet and low-vibration machining of metal components is no problem at all. Thanks to the tungsten content of over 90%, our Densimet® alloy has a very high density and a high modulus of elasticity. The addition of nickel and iron increases the toughness. These material properties make our material rigid and vibration-proof, which means it is the ideal material for the tool shaft.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High rigidity

  • Anti-

  • High modulus of elasticity

Details regarding Densimet®176 can be found in the material specification:

D176 specification
Tool holders

We provide components made of the tungsten heavy-metal alloy Densimet® for boring bars, grinding quills, tool shafts, and all other types of precision tools that require anti-vibration compensation. We'll also be happy to manufacture these anti-vibration tools according to your specifications and requirements.

Our boring bars enable the low-vibration machining of bores. And that's up to a length of 15 times the shaft diameter. The reduced vibration results in a considerably lower roughness of the surface, which in turn increases productivity in mechanical processing.

Here we compare the surface quality that can be achieved with steel and Densimet®176 tool holders.

In order to guarantee a short delivery time, we keep Densimet®176 rods with a diameter of 6 mm to 62 mm in stock. We'll also be happy to provide ground Densimet®176 rods to suit your exact specifications and tolerances. Get in touch and we'll send you a quote.

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