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Tungsten wire lamp

Tungsten wire for manufacturing filaments

Whether it's a simple incandescent lamp, a general lamp, or a special halogen lamp, all of these require filaments that are made of dimensionally stable tungsten wire. We have developed the NS (non-sag) tungsten wire especially for this purpose. It is characterized by its higher creep resistance and satisfies the stringent requirements for service life, light yield, reliability, and mechanical robustness.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reproducible processes thanks to maximum material purity > 99.95%

  • Low split level: automotive grade (zero defect)

  • Customer-specific mechanical properties

  • Different potassium doping levels available

  • Large selection of diameters

Download our product specification:

WK65 wire specification

High robustness thanks to aluminum-potassium silicate

W-NS wire is AKS-doped (AKS = aluminum-potassium silicate). With a nominal content of 65 µg/g potassium and special thermomechanical processes, we can achieve an elongated, toothed stacked microstructure. The recrystallization temperature of a 0.24 mm thick W-NS wire starts at 2,100°C and reaches 100% at 2,300°C. This means our wire is dimensionally stable and has a particularly high ductility and high-temperature creep resistance (see image below left).

Top quality guarantees reproducible processes

We guarantee a purity of at least 99.95% - the perfect prerequisite for reproducible and controllable processes. We also manufacture our wires with very narrow diametrical tolerances, guaranteeing consistent mechanical properties and a defined "split level". This is based on the frequency, shape, length, and depth of radial cracks and is determined by means of eddy current testing. The drawing steps and heat treatment during production are designed to achieve an excellent high-temperature creep resistance and satisfy the most stringent requirements.


Customized products for your application

We provide our W-NS fine wire in diameters of 12 µm to 300 µm with a diametrical tolerance of ± 1%. The W-NS fine wire is available with a black, cleaned, and electropolished surface, aligned or annealed.

We provide our redraw wire with a diameter of 800 to 1,300 µm and graphitated surface (black) on self-supporting rings. We define the quality of our redraw wire according to your specific drawing process and application.

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