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Wires and pins for current conductors

Current conductors made of ML

We supply molybdenum-lanthanum-oxide (ML) wires and pins for conducting electricity in halogen lamps and gas discharge lamps. We use different alloying additions and optimized production processes to improve the properties of pure molybdenum. We dope this with La2O3. This ensures that our electrically conductive pins and wires have an outstandingly high ductility and dimensional stability.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High surface quality

  • Low
    split level

  • Higher
    recrystallization temperature

  • Elongated grain structure for higher ductility

  • Greater creep resistance

Download our product specification:

ML wire specification

Molybdenum-lanthanum-oxide – ductile and resistant to oxidation

Molybdenum-lanthanum-oxide – ductile and resistant to oxidation

The stabilized microstructure and modified recrystallization behavior prevent the premature embrittlement and fracture of our material. A high level of resistance to oxidation is particularly important at operating temperatures of over 300°C: the oxidation rate of ML is considerably lower than that of pure molybdenum. ML has a particularly fine-grained fiber structure. After recrystallization, the material forms a stacked microstructure, i.e., a structure consisting of elongated, interlocked grains. The recrystallization temperature is significantly higher than for pure molybdenum. Our ML wires and pins remain ductile at room temperature and at very high operating temperatures.

Constant quality for your fully automated production

The mechanical properties of each coil of wire must be consistent especially in fully automatic production processes. This is the only way to ensure a uniform springback property. With the low production tolerances of our products, we help to ensure trouble-free production without downtimes.

Conducting wires

The requirements for the surfaces of conducting wires are very high. That is why our wires undergo an electropolishing process. This makes for a particularly smooth and flawless surface. The high surface quality and a very low split level ensure an airtight connection between the glass and the conducting wire. 

We supply ML wire in diameters of 0.3 to 2.0 mm as standard.
To ensure our product fully meets your specific requirements, we subject each wire to eddy current testing.

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