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Glass stirrers

Molybdenum stirrers and tappets for glass production

Molybdenum is used to manufacture the components for glass production. Stirrers are used for homogenization and tappets (plungers) are used for portioning glass melts. They must be able to withstand extremely high temperatures and corrosive glass melts. Our products are ideally suited to these challenging conditions.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High melting point of 2620°C

  • Excellent creep behavior

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity

  • High purity

We produce stirrers from molybdenum and coat these with Al2O3 for the processing of particularly high-grade types of glass for optical components.  The stirrers are then platinized by our partners in the platinum industry.

Partially platinized molybdenum stirrers

Molybdenum is extremely corrosion-resistant. During the homogenization of borosilicate glass- and opal glass melts, molybdenum performs well, even in direct comparison with the glass melt. We developed our partially platinized stirrers for exactly this purpose. Only the stirrer shaft outside the glass melt is protected against oxidation by means of a platinum sleeve.

Fully platinized molybdenum stirrers

Fully platinized stirrers are used if stringent purity requirements exist for the end product during the processing of particularly corrosive types of glass. With its high creep resistance and high-temperature stability, molybdenum provides the necessary mechanical stability. The soft platinum cladding provides optimum corrosion protection.

Advantages of metal stirrers compared with ceramic stirrers:

  • Better stirring action thanks to unlimited design possibilities
  • Small shaft diameter and large blade diameter for more effective stirring
  • Higher mechanical stability
  • Better thermal shock resistance
  • No contamination of the glass melt
  • Considerably longer service life

We provide the following to suit your application:

  • Homogenization-, spiral-, and portioning stirrers
  • Dosing- and spiral tappets (plungers)
  • Semifinished products for stirrer production
  • Products to meet your specific requirements:
    optionally available with ceramic diffusion barrier coatings and platinum sheathing