Plansee USA.

Specializing in the machining and fabrication of Molybdenum and Tungsten products, Plansee USA is the North American Headquarters for all Plansee High Performance Materials.

Plansee USA in Franklin

Plansee USA does not only manufacture large runs. Together with its customers, the enterprise also devotes its inventive enthusiasm to the development of prototypes for new products or improved designs. Our materials specialists know exactly how our metals will behave in real-life applications. With their engineering expertise and wide range of simulation methods, they can identify the design that offers the best performance at the most economical cost for every area of application.

Our sales network based in Franklin (MA) and our employees located in the most important regions of the USA guarantee outstanding reactivity and on-site customer support - a benefit that our many business partners have appreciated for decades.

Rotor for X-ray anode
Component for MOCVD
Shielding for high temperature furnaces.

Strong expertise in manufacturing processes.

Cutting, bending, lathing, milling and rolling to the very tightest tolerances. From the tiniest, intricate components for X-ray tubes through to ready-assembled hot zones for high-temperature furnaces, no product is allowed to depart from the specification. Our plant consists of the following equipment for working with refractory metals:

  • Clean room operations
  • Thermal processing
  • CNC milling and turning
  • CNC stamping and punching
  • Deep hole drilling/boring
  • Vacuum brazing/heat treating
  • TIG welding
  • Laser and water jet cutting
  • High speed wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine)


We are proud to employ the best and the brightest. Employees are provided with support and extensive training in a promote-from-within environment. We continually seek individuals that embody the skills and drive to contribute to global success and take pride in offering a competitive benefit package. Find out more about Plansee USA LLC as your potential employer.


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