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Vocational training at Plansee Composite Materials

When you start your vocational training at Plansee Composite Materials in Lechbruck, you will certainly be setting something in motion: this international company is part of the big leagues when it comes to powder metallurgy. Here we manufacture products made of tungsten heavy metals as well as metallic and ceramic composite materials. Our metals are used where regular metals meet their limits. The applications range from medical technology, the automotive and electronics industry to aerospace as well as many other future-oriented industries.

Our training professions

Cutting machine operator and metal process technologist

Cutting machine operator vocational training

As a cutting machine operator and process technologist, you will manufacture components made of metal sheets, plates, and rods. You will learn how to create and interpret programs for controlling and monitoring the machines in every area of application as well as preparing the tools, auxiliary equipment, and testing devices needed for production. In addition, you will manufacture components according to specifications and drawings from our internal and external customers using modern machinery.

You will perform quality checks on manufactured parts and document the work results. You will also carry out servicing and maintenance work on the machines.

Facts related to your vocational training

Vocational training duration:

  • 3 ½ years

Vocational training prerequisites:

  • Qualification certificate for secondary school or secondary school certificate

What else do you require for vocational training:

  • Good technical understanding
  • Logical thinking
  • Spatial perception
  • Manual dexterity
Content of the training

Here's what you will learn during your vocational training as a cutting machine operator:

Cutting machine operator vocational training
  • Manual and machine processing of materials such as sawing, drilling, turning, and milling
  • How to operate fully automatic CNC-controlled systems, above all, milling and turning
  • The fundamentals of control technology
  • Monitoring of production processes
  • Error and fault removal
  • Independent project work

Here's what you will learn during your vocational training as a metal process technologist:

  • Processing materials manually and with the use of machines
  • Selecting and processing input materials and creating compositions
  • Use of modern control technology
  • Troubleshooting and remedying underlying causes in systems and process steps
  • Setting up, loading, operating, monitoring, and maintaining production systems
  • Monitoring and controlling mechanized and automated production systems
  • Identifying and analyzing faults
  • Carrying out process monitoring, quality checks, and quality assurance measures, implementing corrective actions
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Our offer

What we offer

Instead of a mere place to sit, we will offer you a vocational training position in our modern training workshop. There you will learn the fundamentals of metal machining. Afterwards you will continue your training in production, among other areas. This will enable you to learn the different work areas and requirements.

As an innovative and rapidly growing company, we offer you a secure job, a wide range of perks such as paid vacation and a Christmas bonus, and employees' savings schemes.

Lechbruck production

Impressions from our Production in Lechbruck

Lechbruck production

Impressions from our Production in Lechbruck

Lechbruck production

Impressions from our Production in Lechbruck

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Naturally, our younger apprentices will receive support from apprentices who have been with us for some time. You will also receive comprehensive support from our trainers who use the latest and best technical and pedagogical methods.

If you have any questions regarding vocational training or the application process, please feel free to contact us:
  • Daniela Brcic

    Daniela Brcic

    Recruiting Services

    +49 8862 773 124

Plansee Composite Materials has the best vocational trainees

We are especially pleased that our trainees number among the best to complete their course in the Allgäu region, time and time again. The Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce has presented us with several awards for the quality of our training. 



Our selection of exciting jobs around the world is just as strong as our training at Plansee.

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