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Plansee USA is our center of expertise for the North American market. With decades of experience in the processing of molybdenum and tungsten, our experts transform semifinished products into complex parts.

Our core competences at Plansee USA:

  • Hot zones and shieldings for the furnace construction industry
  • Shieldings made of tungsten composites (W-MMC)
  • Tungsten electrodes for discharge lamps
  • Components for epitaxial processes (MOCVD)

Plansee USA LLC

115 Constitution BoulevardMA 02038 Franklin
Tel: +1 508 5533800Fax: +1 508 5533823
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At a glance
    Tungsten electrodes

    Tungsten electrodes for discharge lamps

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    Direct to our products:

    Professional development

    Ultra-modern training center for manufacturing

    Plansee USA manufacturing training center

    As a technology leader in high-precision machining, we meet the highest quality requirements and are constantly working on innovations. The only way we can keep this commitment today and in the future is with highly qualified specialist personnel.

    For this reason we have a dedicated, ultra-modern manufacturing training center at our Franklin site. At this facility our employees can learn new skills and focus on continuous professional development. Training centers around manufacturing theory and the practical application of these theories in CNC turning and milling applications.

    Plansee USA manufacturing training center
    The training program for the 12 participants each year includes 500 hours of lessons.
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    Our promise of quality

    At Plansee USA, we look after the health and safety of our employees. As a responsible company, we protect the environment and adopt a conscientious approach to raw materials and resources. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016.

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    Career opportunities

    A lot to offer worldwide – working at Plansee USA in Franklin