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Radiation protection

Reliability and precision: components for shieldings and radiation protection

Radiation therapy plays an essential role in combating tumors. Reliable shieldings are required in order to protect patients from excessive radiation. These shieldings must be manufactured with the highest degree of accuracy and exhibit uncompromising quality. Our components made from refractory metals have helped to heal tens of thousands of patients undergoing radiation therapy. Our multileaf collimators and shieldings made from the tungsten heavy alloy Densimet® ensure that infected tissue is targeted with radiation with pinpoint accuracy. Tumors are irradiated with precision while the healthy tissue remains protected.

We manufacture components from molybdenum, tungsten, and Densimet® with the highest level of processing accuracy and technical know-how. Our decades of experience enable us to form and process these materials with the highest precision and also maintain the strictest tolerances. That is why medical device manufacturers have been relying on our products made from refractory metals for many years now. You also profit from the sound technical knowledge of our materials scientists and engineers, who will work together with you to design and implement components tailored to your application. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Decades of experience in medical technology

  • Highest quality and precision

  • High production capacities

  • Intensive cooperation with our developers

  • International supply chain

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