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Online shopMy Plansee
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Strong metals. Strong career.

We are the global leader when it comes to processing the strongest metals.

As an employer, the exciting job opportunities with us are just as strong and come with many benefits.

Discover for yourself the Plansee professional world. We would also be happy to tell you about what exactly we do here.



Our selection of exciting jobs is just as strong as our products.

To the overview
Strong benefits
Five strong reasons why you should choose Plansee
  • 1
    Plansee Headquarters

    An extraordinary employer

    Our favorite metals, our roots and why you will benefit from the fact that we are a private company.

  • 2
    Plansee aerial photo of Reutte

    Good location

    A job at Plansee literally brings you to the right place at the right time.

  • 3

    Fascinating variety

    Plansee sort of flies under the radar, but it pretty much has its fingers in a lot of pies: the astonishing variety of our products makes our work exciting and diversified.

  • 4
    Plansee employees


    We remain grounded with regard to how we treat one another despite our successes.

  • 5
    Process technology vocational training

    Strong development opportunities

    We heartily support those who want to advance their career with additional training.

What we really do


Ulrich Lausecker, Managing Director, in charge of Plansee as a whole.

Attila Huttera, Head of IT Asia and Group IT Controlling: international network.

Katja Schennach, Machinist, machining the strongest metals in the world.

Elisabeth Eidenberger-Schober, Head of Testing Laboratories, only wants to work with the most interesting materials.

Oliver Bridger, Sales Manager: "I am time and again completely blown away by the variety of our products."

Vocational training

Vocational training at our sites

Strong metals, strong training! We are looking for today's talent to shape the specialists of tomorrow.

Starting your career
A strong career with strong metals
  • 1
    Machining technology vocational training

    Internship and summer job

    We will provide you with some insights into our Plansee work environment and give you an up close and personal experience of what everyday work life is like.

  • 2
    IT vocational training

    Opportunities for students

    Strong start to your career – your opportunities before, during and after your course of study.

  • 3
    Mechanical engineering vocational training

    Permanent position

    We do everything we can to ensure that your entry into the Plansee work environment is as successful as possible.

  • 4
    Shanghai skyline

    Global career opportunities

    Strong international career - abroad with Plansee after graduation.


If you have any questions about the job offers or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find your personal contact person on the respective job advertisements.

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