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Plansee Bulgaria was founded in 1998 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Since then it has continuously developed into a key site in the global production network of Plansee High Performance Materials and has a current workforce of 155 people.

Plansee Bulgaria's key technologies in processing components made of molybdenum and tungsten include:

  • Mechanical processing 
  • Surface treatment
  • Coating
We supply our products to customers around the world, especially those in the semiconductor and lighting industry, as well as in medical technology and general industry.

Plansee Bulgaria EOOD

Boulevard Stoletov 1575301 Gabrovo
Tel:+359 66 812 356Fax: +359 66 801 604
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At a glance
    Semiconductor base plates

    Semiconductor base plates

    Our semiconductor base plates are used in systems for renewable energy. Controllable electronic components are also used in elevators and tractors, however.

    GTO module

    GTO modules

    Gate Turn Off modules are used for electronic braking units in high-speed trains. They ensure that the train starts up and brakes reliably.

    Close-up view of semiconductor base plates

    Semiconductor base plates

    Our base plates made of refractory metals are used in converter systems in which current is rectified, in wind turbines, and in high-voltage DC transmission.

    Rectangular semiconductor base plates

    Semiconductor base plates

    Whether in the automotive industry, cruise ships, high-voltage DC transmission, wind turbines, or converter systems, our semiconductor base plates make a lasting impression in the most diverse range of applications.

    Rotating X-ray anode

    Rotating X-ray anodes

    Our rotating X-ray anodes generate the X-rays in X-ray tubes. In the field of medical technology, they support the diagnosis of illnesses. However, they are also used in safety technology, quality assurance, the food industry, and measurement technology.

    Tungsten electrodes

    Electrodes for discharge lamps

    Our tungsten electrodes play an essential role in discharge lamps. They guarantee excellent thermal management and therefore a long service life of the lamp.

    MHC blanks

    MHC blanks

    Our MHC blanks are used to form various metals. They give the metal its external shape.

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    Details of our products:


    Our promise of quality

    At Plansee Bulgaria, we look after the health and safety of our employees. As a responsible company, we protect the environment and adopt a conscientious approach to raw materials and resources. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

    ISO 9001 Plansee Bulgaria (BG)