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New training profession at the Lechbruck site

To coincide with the start of the new training year in September 2023, Plansee is expanding its training professions at its production site in Lechbruck, Germany. In addition to the training role as a cutting machine operator, the company is now also offering process technologist positions. 

First-class training and giving young people opportunities have always played a key role at Plansee. Apprentices have been trained as cutting machine operators at the German production site in Lechbruck since 2012. The scheme has been a resounding success, with the trainees from the Lechbruck site counting among the best to complete their course in the Allgäu region several times already. The Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce has presented the company with awards for the outstanding quality of its training on repeated occasions.

Now the production site in Germany is further strengthening its training of emerging talent within the company by offering a second apprenticeship as a process technologist alongside the cutting machine operator roles. While the basics of the training are similar, process technologists focus more on producing material and cutting machine operators specialize in processing the material.

There are two places available for each job profile, so a total of four training places each year. Four young people took up the opportunity at the start of the new apprenticeship year and began their training at Plansee in Lechbruck at the start of September.

Start of the new apprentices at Plansee Lechbruck 2023
Site Manager Mathias Hochstrasser (far left) and Head of Training Tobias Schappele (far right) welcome the new apprentices. Also in the picture three of the four apprentices (left to right): Lea Vollmair, Stefan Blodig, Tobias Holzer

"We're really pleased to have filled the apprenticeship places with talented candidates once again this year," says Head of Training Tobias Schappele. "To bring variety to the training, in addition to working with colleagues in the training workshop at the company headquarters in Reutte, the apprentices also have the opportunity to get to know other sites, for example in France or Switzerland," adds Schappele. 

Since the training initiative began, around 30 apprentices have been successfully trained at the Lechbruck site, with the primary aim of employing the trainees in permanent positions at the end of the training period. For this to come to fruition, Plansee Lechbruck delivers first-class training, offers additional personal and professional development opportunities, as well as secure, professional prospects in an international industrial company.

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The new apprenticeship year also started at the company headquarters in Reutte at the beginning of September and a total of 37 young people began their training at the Plansee Group. Five technical apprenticeships are offered there in the areas of metal, materials, laboratory and electrical engineering.

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