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Top quality: components for optoelectronics

Our products made from molybdenum, tungsten, and tungsten-copper are used in optoelectronic laser diodes. Here our materials ensure reliable heat management for the semiconductor as well as ensure a long service life of the entire component using an adjusted coefficient of expansion.

We offer a wide product portfolio for optoelectronics: from base plates and wafer substrates, components for epitaxy processes, coating materials, and furnace components to combustion and sintering boats. Our refractory metals can be used in various ways to manufacture optronics components.

With decades of experience, we are a reliable development partner and know all that matters in the electronics industry. Our work methods and our flexible production processes enable us to adapt material properties and products to your exact application. Our materials guarantee you precision processing and the highest purity, ensuring the highest quality for your applications.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Material and technology

  • International production

  • Flexible production

  • Wide-ranging product portfolio

  • Found application

  • Prototype

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