Sputtering targets and arc cathodes for hard material layers.

We produce sputtering targets and arc cathodes for PVD processes. These are used in various applications: molybdenum and tungsten play an important role in displays, touch panels, hard coatings, photovoltaics and electrochromic glass.

An overview of some material applications

A single source for all your needs.

We do not outsource any of the steps during production of our sputtering targets: Each and every sputtering target is manufactured 100% in-house. Our sister company Global Tungsten Powders (GTP) and our holding in Molibdenos y Metales (Molymet) guarantee long-term security for our supply of raw materials. Proximity to our customers is important for us: This is why we bond targets for our Asian customers locally in our own bonding shops in Japan and Korea. Our coatings experts are in constant and close contact with universities and research establishments and are always ready to help you with their knowledge of products and applications, wherever you are in the world.