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Smart products for the electronics industry

Our products and services in the electronics industry are helping to make a decisive contribution to the digitization and networking of our society. That's why we are continuously developing more efficient components that help to ensure the functionality of smartphones, cars, robots, and computers. At the same time, we work closely together with our customers to make machines to produce next-generation microchips. These are essential to guarantee technical progress: from the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to 5G technology.

Due to our decades of experience in this sector, we know all that matters in the electronics industry. Flexible work methods and speed are basic prerequisites for us. This is how we are able to individually adapt both our production processes as well as our products. At the same time, we also make continual investments in the development of new production procedures for manufacturing highly complex components made from molybdenum and tungsten. We bring 100 years of experience to the table with regards to the processing of these refractory metals and their alloys. This is how we can tailor material properties to your needs as well as maintain the strictest tolerances. We do not outsource anything here: we guarantee a secure raw material supply and cover all manufacturing and processing steps using our companies and holdings in Western mines. We are committed to transparency and certifications, and ensure via numerous measures that we do not use any raw materials which come from socially, ethically, or ecologically questionable sources. 

We assemble and package our products and components under the strictest quality criteria in our clean rooms in Austria and Japan. This is how we guarantee consistent maximum quality for Plansee products. And this has been true for one hundred years. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Everything from a single source: from raw material supply to ready-to-install components

  • Sustainable raw materials: Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) certification

  • Close development
    partnership with our customers

  • Clean room assembly

  • 100 years of material expertise

Learn more about our products and solutions for your specific application:

From powder to the final product

Our production chain starts with the reduction of ultrapure oxide to metal powder. This is the only way that we can achieve the high material purity of our products. We use powder metallurgy to manufacture our metal composite materials. Your advantage: optimally balanced material properties and a particularly homogeneous material composition. We manufacture compact, metal parts from porous powder blanks. Using special forming processes and mechanical processing steps as well as modern coating and connection technologies, we turn these into complex components with a maximum density and the highest quality. At the same time, our investment in mines in the West helps to ensure a secure supply of raw materials. You also benefit from our in-house production as well as our international manufacturing network, meaning delivery capability is guaranteed. This makes us a reliable partner for the electronics industry.

    Mixing alloys
    Heat treatment
    Mech. processing
    Quality assurance
OxideMolymet (Chile) is the world's largest processor of molybdenum ore concentrates and our main supplier of molybdenum trioxide. The Plansee Group holds a 21.15% share in Molymet. Global Tungsten & Powders (USA) is a division of the Plansee Group and our main supplier of tungsten metal powder.

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